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Church Cleaning and A Complete Cleaning Service

Final Details understands the pride you have in your house of worship. Whether your church is a historic, carved wooden masterpiece or a more modern building, keeping it clean and tidy is an important element for creating a pure environment where you can comfortably practice your faith. 


cleaning, church

The Importance of Church Cleaning

Your congregation are family, and when you have family visit, you make sure your home is spotless. Your church and adjoining administrative buildings should reflect the pride you have in your faith, your family, and your community. At Final Details, we understand how important it is to spend your time of worship in a clean, safe, and bright environment which they can easily, efficiently, and economically provide for you. Regardless of your needs - regular window cleaning to specialized glass cleaning, carved woodwork cleaning to woodwork conditioning, classroom cleaning to re-setting – Final Details can do it all.

Church Cleaning by Final Details

You know that providing a clean and relaxing environment for your faith community is crucial. Final Details can provide basic or specialized cleaning services for your church. The following is a proposed schedule of services.

  • Carpets: weekly vacuum or periodic deep clean
  • Tile/Vinyl Floorings: weekly clean or complete strip and re-seal/re-wax
  • Wood Flooring: weekly wood floor clean or polish
  • Upholstery/Furnishings: weekly clean/vacuum or deep clean/fabric cleaning
  • Countertops: weekly disinfect and sanitize public/guest counters and tables
  • Windows: weekly or scheduled full window cleaning, available as needed
  • Bathrooms/Restrooms: weekly full sanitary cleaning and disinfecting services
  • Classrooms: weekly vacuum or deep cleaning available as needed
  • Garbage/Recycling: empty all receptacles, remove garbage or recycle

Additionally, Final Details provides exterior cleaning services such as exterior window cleaning, bench/outdoor seating cleaning, outdoor garbage removal or recycling, whatever your specific needs may be.

Rely on A Complete Cleaning Service for your Church Cleaning needs.

 Final Details will design a cleaning program that meets the specific needs for your church or the buildings of your entire church campus with weekly cleaning services and monthly or quarterly intensive, deep-cleaning programs.  A phone call is all it takes for additional "as-needed" cleaning services whenever you need them.  On-site supervisors providing quality control means you receive the level of cleanliness that you expect.  Final Details will work with you for worry-free janitorial and cleaning services

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